Останат Недвижен Имот

This is only a part of our extensive offer just to give you idea about what we can offer.
For same commission as in other agencies, with Renesans you get double quality of service.


Luxurious new A class,very representative Building on foot of Vodno 1538 for Hotel or Office

Luxurious new appealing and very representative building, solidly built, with excellent standard and good quality materials, to the highest seismic standards, located on the foothill of Vodno hill, in a…

Плац за продажба во Козле (3915)

Се продава урбанистичка парцела 700м2 на одлична локација со стара куќа од 110м2 со маркица за градба 144м2 основа и 8,8м височина. Цена   280.000 ЕУР  Construction plot for sale with…