Houses for Rent

This is only a part of our extensive offer just to give you idea about what we can offer.
For same commission as in other agencies, with Renesans you get double quality of service.

Zdanec (5239)

House with Nice Large Yard in Zdanec (5239)

Beautiful completely renewed house located in a very quiet  neighborhood, with excellent position 350m2 living space, on three floors, with a beautifully arranged yard of 600m2, nice living room of…

Przino (5108)

Very Nice Large House with Swimming pool in Przino (5108)

Beautiful house with 570m2 living area, on three floors, with beautifully arranged yard of 480m2 with a swimming pool, summer living room with a kitchen with direct access to the…

Taftalidze (4901)

Comfortable Family House in Taftalidze (4901)

Beautifully furnished house located in a very quiet part of Taftalidze area. The house has 380m2 living space on three floors, with a nice yard of 300m2. There are five…

Zlokukani (3248)

Luxurious Large House in Zlokukani (3248)

Beautifully furnished house with 500m2 total area, on three  levels, with beautifully arranged fenced yard of 3.200m2. The house has a nice spacious living area with a fire place and…

Hrom (5422)

Two-level Comfortable House in Hrom (5422)

Beautifully furnished new house located in a quiet residential area, 5km from the centre of the city. The house has 270m2 living  space and beautifully arranged yard of 500m2 with…

Kozle (5817)

Modern House in Kozle (5817)

Luxuriously furnished brand new house with 400m2 living space on three levels, with nicely arranged yard of 160m2. The house has four bedrooms, each bedroom is with its own bathroom,…

Centre (4004)

House suitable for Office with Eighteen Rooms in Centre, (4004)

Beautiful new house suitable for office space on three floors with total area of 750m2, eighteen offices, six toilets and a 250m2 yard with closed swimming pool. In the basement…

Centre (4000)

House for an Office in Centre, (4000)

Beautiful house adapted for an office space on three floors, with 534m2, a nicely arranged yard of 280m2, with elevator ,modern kitchen, toilets, central city heating system, air conditioners ,…

Vodno (5908)

Modern House with indoor Swimming Pool on Vodno (5908)

Luxuriously furnished new house with 650m2 total area, on four floors, with nicely arranged yard of 800m2 with fountain. The house has a private lift from the ground floor up…

Zdanec (5907)

Nice House on East side of Vodno hill in Zdanec, (5907)

Beautifully furnished house with 350m2 living space, on two floors, with nice yard of 200m2 with barbecue, three bedrooms, a gallery, four bathrooms, nice balconies and terraces, an individual heating…